Painful & burning joints, is that you?

Joint Degeneration

Acten is the number 1 choice for people suffering from the effects of joint degeneration and joint pain is the main reason given by patients visiting their GP’s in the UK.


100% RDA for Zinc-Essential for cell division and cell growth
100% RDA for Vitamin C-Essential for growth and repair of tissue
Fortigel-Contains collagen peptides which act as building blocks for the tissues of bones and joints and stimulates the lining of the joints to reproduce.
Hydroidan-A substance which facilitates faster transition of the active ingredients through the gastrointestinal tract and therefore into the metabolism.
Fucoidan-A substance derived from brown sea algae which acts as a very effective anti-inflammatory to help reduce the pain from joint degeneration.


When first starting to take Acten it is vital to complete the first “loading phase”, this consists of 90 consecutive days of taking 1 sachet per day. This is designed to build up the active ingredients within your metabolism. This is immediately followed by taking 1 sachet every other day, the “maintenance phase”, ensuring you receive a constant top-up.


Acten has a pleasant citrus taste and is contained within a gel complex. The increased viscosity means that it takes longer to pass through the gastrointestinal tract which in turn allows for a far higher rate of absorption compared to liquids or tablets.
Each sachet contains 23g of Acten.


There have been no recorded health related contraindications or adverse reactions with existing medications. It has been screened to be safe for use in high level sports, and to be safe from any form of contamination.


The net effect of all of these elements is an extremely effective product for reducing pain, increasing range of movement and improving function.

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