Official Launch of Acten UK

Official Launch of Acten UK

Over the first weekend of April 2017 Acten UK was launched! The event was the annual conference for the association of physiotherapists in private practice (PhysioFirst) and the venue was the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham.

Official Launch of Acten in UK

Acten – Joint Care For Life

Mark Browes, Racheal Browes and James Slater were all on hand to explain to the delegates the revolutionary effects of Acten. Over 240 physiotherapists attended over the weekend and we certainly tried to speak with as many as possible. Although this was the first time the product has been shown in the UK we received fantastic feedback and enthusiasm from the people we spoke to.

This is very much the start of the journey for Acten in the UK and the initial increase in awareness is set to grow over the coming months as more clinicians and their clients become aware of the positive effects on their joints from taking Acten.

To find out more about the product please visit our website on #acten


Acten® is 100% natural and FREE from all pharmaceutical content.