Medical Study Study Proves the efficacy of Acten

Medical Study

Medical study proves the efficacy of ACTEN


In order to further elucidate the efficacy and safety of some nutritional supplements on gonarthrosis, we have conducted a preliminary randomized multicenter (n=9) observational study comparing the effects of an association of Fortigel®(10gr) and Fucoidan (100mg) (ACTEN®) versus another commonly therapeutically used formulation based on Glucosamine (500mg), Chondroitin Sulfate (400mg) hyaluronic Acid (50 mg) and Vitamin C (100 mg) (COMBIART).

Patients and Methods:
The protocol was administered over a 12-weeks period in a population (n=126) aged 40-65 years, with diagnosed mild-to-moderate Osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee (grade 2-3 of Kellgren Lawrence grading scale).Safety was measured by closely monitoring adverse events. Efficacy was measured by grading evaluations, at basal, 1 month and 3 months controls, of the Visual Analog Scale (VAS) and the Lequesnealgo functional index for severity of osteoarthritis (LAI) for particular functionality.

Both groups showed an important reduction (P<0.0001) in the mean visual analog scale values at T1 (28.5% ACTEN®, 21.3% COMBIART at1 month) and T3 (49.4% ACTEN®, 40.1% COMBIART at 3 months), as well as a marked reduction in the Lequesnealgo functional index means (P<0.0001) (ACTEN® 28.9% T1 44.9% T3, COMBIART T1 21.3% T3 37%). The effect seems to be time dependent, as the mean values decrease further for both parameters from T1 to T2 (P<0.0001, for VAS for both groups; P 0.0011 for ACTEN® group, P 0.0064 Control group for LAI). No statistically significant difference was found between the ACTEN® group and the COMBIART group at time T1 or T3. These interesting preliminary data will be further investigated on a larger scale.

Fortigel®(10gr) and Fucoidan (100 mg) (ACTEN®) taken as oral nutritional supplements have a significant impact as therapeutic intervention for knee osteoarthritis as indicated by the marked decrease in VAS and LAI values over the course of the treatment. A similar effect, as expected, has been confirmed in the COMBIART group, and no statistically significant difference has been detected between the two groups.

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