FA Medical Conference 2017

FA Medical Conference 2017

Over the weekend of 27th and 28th May 2017, the Football Association held their annual medical conference at the Radisson Blu, East Midlands airport.

The Event:

This is an event which has run for many years and gives an opportunity for colleagues within the medical departments of professional football teams to meet up and discuss new innovations and ideas for the improved treatment of the players in their care. It truly crosses a vast divide in professional football, with representatives from every level in the game, Manchester United to Accrington Stanley!

Supporting this event was a trade show featuring many different types of equipment and services needed within the game. Acten® Joint Health UK were invited to attend with Fit4Sport (www.fit4sport.com), the leading company for the provision of Physiotherapy and first aid equipment for football, rugby union and rugby league and many other sporting teams throughout the UK.


We are continuing to gradually increase the awareness for our revolutionary new product, the unique environment of professional sport leads to intense joint loading on a very regular basis producing a high incidence of joint damage. Those players unfortunate enough to require surgical intervention in their teens or early 20’s will definitely go on to more rapid joint degeneration. Acten® is a totally natural product designed to stimulate the cells of the articular cartilage covering the joints in order to protect these surfaces.

For all adults the continued health of their joints is vitally important, for professional sports people, their livelihood literally depends on it. Therefore in this environment the average age of people taking Acten® is slightly lower than in the general population due to the far higher demands on their systems. However, taking Acten® on a regular basis will continue to allow a greater level of function whatever your choice of activity is, from playing premiership football to playing in the park with your grandchildren.