Acten supporting the nation’s top athletes

Not only has Acten been proven to help all of us who are experiencing the pain and limited movement of age-related joint degeneration, it is now being embraced by a completely different group of individuals. There are currently 2 Premiership football clubs who are using Acten with their players and we have also just started a trial with 10 members of the England rugby team for the 8-week duration of the current 6 Nations Championship.

Professional Sports People

In sport, and particularly those at the top end of their professions, the physical demands are enormous. The combination of young people, with very high physical loads being experienced on a regular basis is a perfect scenario for early-onset joint degeneration. In this environment, Acten can not only be used with young players who have already had joint surgery but also with the “older” players who may have reached the grand old age of 30 and above and are beginning to feel the effects of 15 years or so of high-level physical activity.

Totally natural product

Collagen supplementation is now a widely accepted practice within professional sport, Acten is a totally natural product, cleared for use within all professional sports, and proven to be far more effective than the other collagen peptide products currently available. It also has the added bonus of containing Vitamin C and Zinc. Acten truly is for the future health of your joints irrespective of your age.

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