Acten and the effect of age on joint health

There is a common belief that our weight-bearing joints will inevitably degenerate as we age and as one of the main causes of this degeneration is wear and tear, there is a lot of sound evidence to support this. However, just because we have been running around for a lot of years and have experienced a gradual deterioration of the joint surfaces, this does not necessarily result in pain and dysfunction.

I have recently been treating a gentleman who is approaching his 101st birthday, he still has his original hips and knees! Now there is a lot of luck involved in avoiding significant trauma but the general principles of avoiding excess body weight and remaining physically strong and active are our best defense against the rigors of normal wear and tear.

Acten collagen peptide supplementation

Acten will stimulate the articular cartilage on the joint surfaces to reduce the friction and consequent pain and dysfunction which can occur between the joint surfaces. As we inevitably head towards our retirement years, when we should have more time and resources to enjoy life, it would be sadly ironic that we may become less able to do this because of joint issues.

Taking Acten on a regular basis will help ensure that we will be able to remain as active as possible. Our exercise goals will gradually change as we age but the principle of regular movement should endure for as long as possible. We may also possibly emulate my patient and remain fit and active into our 100’s!

Ageing and what is possible

So ultimately let’s look at what is possible, the world record for the men’s marathon for 85-year-olds is 3hours 56 minutes and the 100m record is 15.08 seconds! The women’s marathon record for 76-year-olds is 3 hours 53 minutes and the 100m record is 15.15 seconds! Now we are not all going to be able to achieve such magnificent feats, but it does indicate what is possible.

Regular exercise, avoiding excess weight and doing something proactive for your joints i.e by taking Acten, will help give us the best chance of staying fit, enjoying exercise, remaining active and reducing the pain and dysfunction associated with joint dysfunction.