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Our joints should last a lifetime, not just for Christmas

Our knees should last a lifetime of walking, running, jumping, landing, going uphill and down dale. We just take them for granted…until something goes awry. The most common cause of knee pain is trauma. Ligaments, holding the joints in place and preventing unwanted movement can be sprained, muscles and their tendon attachments around the knee can be strained, meniscal cartilages which act as shock absorbers and help the joint to fit together more precisely can be torn and, with sufficient force, any of the bones involved can be fractured. Start taking Acten today to help and support the longevity of all your joints.


When first starting to take Acten it is vital to complete the first “loading phase”, this consists of 90 consecutive days of taking 1 sachet per day. This is designed to build up the active ingredients within your metabolism. This is immediately followed by taking 1 sachet every other day, the “maintenance phase”, ensuring you receive a constant top-up.

Sporting Injuries

Twisting of the knee can often cause the most problems, it can occur with a mis-placed step whilst walking, or classically with the knee bent, the foot fixed and the knee rotating in activities such as football, rugby, squash, tennis, skiing etc. Initial symptoms may indicate the nature and severity of the injury. Immediate swelling which is hot, red and tense suggests bleeding into the joint and a potentially serious problem. A swelling which comes up over 12 to 24 hours suggests less severe trauma with an increase in the joint fluid in order to limit use of the joint. Acten gel matrix containing collagen peptides and a natural anti-inflammatory to improve joint movement and reduce pain

What you waiting for?

Acten is as you all know a revolutionary new approach to the treatment of joint degeneration. Specifically targeting the effects of wear and tear in order to reduce the friction inside the joints, increase joint movement, and reduce pain.